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Introducing the Leader's Journey

A 100% digital program for connecting and developing organizational leaders.

Our Communities Need Us

2020 has been a unique time for all of us and COVID-19 has transformed our lives in ways we never thought possible. Forced to stay at home for weeks and months, we grapple with rising uncertainty and massive disruptions.


All over the world, businesses and organizations are adapting to the “new normal”. Despite limitations on in-person meetings and travel, creative, compassionate leaders are finding ways to connect digitally, overcome obstacles, and keep serving the communities that need them. To succeed, we must take care of ourselves so that we can be there for the people who need us. 

We hope that you will join us in this digital training series that will engage your team, continue their professional development, and maintain team connectivity, through a deep dive into leadership and team building competencies.

- Love Jefferson, Director of A1

Introducing our new digital program: 

Leadership Capacity Building 

Over the course of this 8 session training series, participants will engage in a blended learning program focussed on developing the competencies of leadership by exploring the participant's personal leadership journey, studying exemplars, and learning tools and frameworks for both hard and soft skills. The goal of this training series is to develop the potential of every participant so that, from any level of their organization, they are ready to step up and lead.

Core Curriculum: 

Practice proven tactics for building high performing teams.



You Are the Foundation

Build fundamental tools frameworks, and strategies to own your own learning and growth. 



Unlock Your Influence

Master soft skills for communicating and collaborating with others to lead from anywhere in an organization. 



Build Your Team

Practice proven tactics for building high performing teams.

Hard & Soft Skills

Research has shown that emotional intelligence is a large indicator of how well teams are able to make decisions, communicate, and collaborate in a 21st century working environment.  Although knowledge and proficiency of hard skills are necessary for a successful team to create output, emotional intelligence is required for interpersonal functioning, stress management, and overall job performance. In order for businesses to generate exceptional productivity in the workplace, there is an increasing demand for socially and emotionally literate professionals in the nation’s workforce.  

Each Session At a Glance

Each session begins with a virtual classroom, guided by an experienced A1 facilitator. Participants walk through the focus for the session, and then work through independent activities and engage in small groups to master the content. 

Check In

Meet in a virtual classroom with the facilitator and fellow participants

Deep Dive

Learn about each core competency, guided by the facilitator


Apply what you've learned and practice new skills


Journal to record your story and landmark moments


Check for mastery of the content

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