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Find the Right Fit

Give us a call or send us an email and we'll explore digital, blended, and custom programs to find the right fit for you and your team.  

Programs for Organizations


Leadership Capacity Building 

8 month series for 5 - 20 participants

In this course participants engage in 1:1 60-90 minute monthly trainings that develop professional and leadership leadership skills and competencies.

Per month:


Colored Pencils

Social Styles Workshop

Single Workshop for 5 - 20 participants

Explore the personalities on your team and walk away with tools for working smoothly together. 

This blended training can be run 100% digital or in person.

Per Package:



Team Building

One 3hr session for 10 - 20 participants 

Take your people and forge them into a team in this 3hr session focused on laying foundational  dynamics for high performance.

Per Session:


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P.D.C. (Professional Development Competencies)

Three sessions for 5 - 20 participants

This in-person three-phase (9 hours in 3 sessions) program delves into the critical professional development competencies self awareness, self management, social awareness, and relationship skills. 

Per Session:


Programs for Individuals


1:1 Coaching Trial Session

1hr Session

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1:1 Coaching

5 session package

For individuals, coaches, and managers seeking to effectively engage their colleagues and communities. 




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Self Awareness Journal

A mindfulness practice

Commit to a week of mindfulness practice to build your self awareness.



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