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Core Competencies for

Professional Development 









Does your team have what they need to succeed?

Most traditional education focusses on answering "what" questions. For example, what year was the United States founded? What formula do you use to find the third side of a right triangle? However, in the real world of business and career, asking and answering "what" is not enough. We also need to master "how."

This training program is devoted instead to "how" things. Specifically, the "how's" that matter most for success in the workplace. For example, how can you excel in your role? How can you collaborate effectively with colleagues? How can you go above and beyond to succeed? 

To explore these and other "how" questions, this training program digs into four Core Competencies for professional development. Throughout the program, learning is measured by detailed assessments, and participants get feedback on what they've mastered and where they still need to grow.


Graduates walk away equipped with the self awareness to own their own learning and growth, the social awareness to be effective teammates, and the leadership fundamentals to set and accomplish goals.

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Program Structure

Self Study

  • Read content and watch lectures on the four core competencies.

  • You can study at your own pace, but content must be completed by the class deadline to keep up with your peers.

Projects ​& Assignments

  • Journal assignments, vlogs, quizzes, and real-world projects will give you the chance to apply what you're learning.


Outward Looking

Inward Looking

Discussion ​& Accountability Groups

  • Every week, meet virtually with your Accountability Group and Team Coach to ask questions and discuss topics deeply.

Coaching ​& Teaching

  • Pass on what you're learning by providing feedback on the assignments and submissions of others, and coach others to be their best.



Self Awareness

Unlock the keys to being a high performer. Self Awareness is the ability to accurately recognize one’s own emotions and thoughts and how they influence behavior. It is the ability to assess one’s own strengths and limitations, with a sense of confidence and  optimism. And it is the ability to apply a “growth mindset" to improve and excel. 


Social Awareness

Bring out the best in the people around you. Social Awareness is understanding your own unique mix of strengths and talents in the context of the strengths and talents of those around you, and being able to communicate and collaborate to achieve more together than any one person could alone. 

Leadership Abilities

Get ready to step into responsibility. Practice skills for persuading and negotiation. Learn to inspire, and lead with vision and compassion. 

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